EW pneumatic robot


EW 500  for machines from  50  to  150 ton.
EW 700 for machines from 100 to 250 ton.

MANIPULATOR type EW  suitable to remove sprue from injection molding machine for plastics. X axis (horizontal) complete with  decelerators  at mechanical stroke end and with the possibility of turning, so as to bring manipulator body behind machine fixed platen thus making mold change easier. Z axis (vertical) complete with decelerators at mechanical stroke end and safety cylinder to prevent axis falling in case of no air.


Y axis (rotation) with adjustment between 45° and 90° to enable piece discharge outside machine or on the operator’s or opposite side.



Ø        Portable control keyboard TOUCH SCREEN


Ø        Prearrangement of interface signals with machine as per EUROMAP 12


Ø        Drilling to fasten manipulator on machine fixed platen as per  EUROMAP



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