Piece extractor ROBIFOND


ROBIFOND 1 for machines from 200 to 600 ton. (max. weight to be carried 8 Kg.)
ROBIFOND 2 for machines from 600 to 1200 ton. (max. weight to be carried 15 Kg)

Piece EXTRACTOR ROBOT ROBIFOND is suitable to extract casts from your die-casting machine ranging from 200 to 1200 t. ROBIFOND extractor robot works using the principle of horizontal rotation of two articulated arms with tie-rod intermediate control . Rotation movement is carried out thanks to a special high-efficiency reduction unit without mechanical gap coupled to a Brushless motor. Horizontal and vertical movements are carried out by means of pneumatic driver with slide gliding on prismatic guides that are corrosion-proof and are grease lubricated. Wrist rotation and pliers opening/closing are carried out through pneumatic drives. Movement of rotating arm has a position control with setting on keyboard of value and speed. The whole frame is supported and fastened to machine fixed platen. Ladle control is carried out thanks to an electronic equipment complete with PLC and TOUCH SCREEN keyboard to program data relevant to speeds and positions with the possibility of storing programs in keyboard RAM memory. The same equipment is also prearranged for interface with machine and to enable all movements and safeties between machine and ladle.

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