Linear ladles for metal ALMATIC


ALMATIC 1 for machines from 200 to 1300 ton. (max weight to be carried 20 Kg)
ALMATIC 2 for machines for 1300 to 2500 ton. (max weight to be carried 30 Kg)


LINEAR LADLE FOR METAL "ALMATIC  " is suitable to batch and carry melted metal from furnace to your die-casting machine. It is made of a body bolster connected to an articulated support duly sized for right fastening to machine injection support and on the opposite end it has another support with adjustable height can has to be fastened to machine fixed platen. The same bolster is equipped with guides with prismatic profile on which glides a carriage that holds  the group for up/down vertical movement and cup rotation. Movements are carried out by means of  3 gearmotors with rack-pinion system. One gear motor unit coupled to a  Brushless motor carries out cup rotation movement with precise value control, so as to be able to adjust its inclination properly during drawing or pouring. This control, which is carried out in closed loop, enables to keep constant drawing quantity of melted metal. You have the possibility moreover of pouring melted metal in automatic cycle by programming 3 values with relevant pouring speeds according to the three machine injection positions. Control of possible cycle alarms with automatic pouring in furnace. Horizontal and vertical translation axes are moved by gear motor groups with adjustment of acceleration and deceleration speed. Speed of horizontal and vertical translation axes along with cup rotation movement are set on keyboard with drawing/pouring value and position control. Control is carried out thanks to an electronic equipment complete with PLC and TOUCH SCREEN keyboard to program data relevant to speeds and positions with the possibility of storing programs in keyboard RAM memory. The same equipment is also prearranged for interface with machine and to enable all movements and safeties between machine and ladle. It is suitable mostly for aluminium alloys.


CupT1 from 0,1 to 0,5 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)

Cup T2 from 0,2 to 1 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)

Cup T3 from 1 to 2,5 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)

Cup T4 from 2 to  5 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)

Cup T6 from  4 to 8 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)

Cup T10 from 7 to  15 Kg Aluminium (specific weight 2,7)































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